Best Camera for Wedding Photography

best camera for wedding photography
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The best camera for wedding photography

Everyone wants to know which is the best camera for wedding photography sessions. Is there ever the best digital camera for wedding photography, or is any professional camera suitable for this purpose?


What is useful for a photographer is not for another, so we will look at popular and good cameras used for wedding photography.

Canon 5D Mark IV

So what makes this Canon 5D Mark IV so attractive for wedding photographers?

In addition to its improved autofocus compared to the previous model (5D Mark III), the new Canon model also features improved bandwidth, more megapixels, continuous shooting speed, built-in Wi-Fi, touchscreen and 4k video.

This model is lighter than its predecessor and this adds to its enjoyable work.

best camera for wedding photography


Regardless of its high cost, this Canon model remains one of the best for wedding photography and because of the speed of autofocus.

Sony A7R II

The Sony A7R II is the second generation of a series that seeks to prove how serious a compact camera can be.

With a full-frame sensor, the range offers image quality, as some of the best DSLRs, such as Nikon D810 and Canon 5DS R.

best camera for wedding photography

All this is true of this series. But what the Sony A7R II does to fix all the shades of the original Sony A7 R is to improve performance and handling in low light and adds excellent optical image stabilization.

It’s worth considering as an alternative to the best DSLRs if you rate its smaller size and 4K video.

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Canon 5d Mark III

The Canon 5d Mark III is the most preferred camera of wedding photographers represented by Shotkit, where they say that professionals from all over the world use this model, despite its high cost.

best camera for wedding photography

The camera impresses with excellent image quality, high resolution, 6 frames per second of continuous shooting, a high-resolution LCD monitor, an excellent 100% viewfinder and a CF card slot.


As an added bonus for fans of multiple exposures, the Live View feature has a convenient overlay to help align 2 or more images.


Weaknesses include support for a mixed memory card that cripples the speed of recording on the SD card and a little aging AF system that lags behind cheaper Canon alternatives such as Canon 6D.


Canon 5d Mark III also remains expensive, especially when compared to the Nikon equivalents (D810, etc). Whether Canon 5d Mark III is the best camera for wedding photography or not, it is the most popular because it represents a great set of features for wedding photography lovers.

Nikon Df

Retro style Nikon Df has provoked the interest of wedding photographers since the model appeared.


The model is similar to the Nikon D4 with quality images, but twice as compact and affordable.

best camera for wedding photography

The Nikon Df also has many direct-access external controls, a 100% viewfinder and the ability to mount almost all Nikon F mount lenses.


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